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McCartney songs on his next tour

It’s way way way past time that Paul McCartney got away from the Beatles heavy setlist that he’s been pulling out for the last twenty plus years.  He needs to concentrate on the rest of his career!  Here’s a sample of the songs he should perform on his upcoming tour.  These are in no particular order, that’s up to McCartney. 
Juniors Farm 
The Mess 
Getting Closer 
Smile Away 
Cafe On The Left Bank 
No More Lonely Nights 
Take It Away 
I’ve Had Enough 
One Of These Days 
Somebody Who Cares 
Rockestra Theme 
Promise To You Girl 
Not Such A Bad Boy 
Only Mama Knows 
House Of Wax 
That Was Me 
To Much Rain 
Best Friend 
Only Love Remains 
Listen To What The Man Said 
Style Style 
The First Stone 
What It Is 
Hi Hi Hi 
This is the kind of tour McCartney should do next, on all kinds of websites devoted to him the fans are saying it’s time he performed his Wings and solo material! 
Someone, anyone needs to seriously get the message to him that it’s time for something totally different and new on stage, hint, hint, hint!


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