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Paul’s song on his next tour



June 12, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Paul has always said that he bases the songs he does on what the fans expect and that if he goes to a concert what would he want “him” to sing….

    While I basically agree with him,the years have passed and I think it is time for a major overhaul of the shows songs…While Hey Jude and Yesterday might be mandatory,it’s time for different Beatles songs and lots more Wings and solo material.(we’ve had a taste lately with A Day in the Life, Mrs. Vanderbilt and Too Many People).

    The past couple of tours Paul has taken on some songs that had John on backup or co-vocals (Please ,Please Me, I’ll Get You)..why not go with She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand? John isn’t here to sing these songs so why not let the band do the missing vocals,the casual fan won’t know the difference and people like us who look at Paul web-sites will hopefully put the “critical analysis” behind us and enjoy them for what they are..the goal for Paul is to see if HE can pull them off instead of falling in to what I now believe is either a comfort zone or maybe a little bit of laziness .Sounds like the band figures out the old songs anyway and then presents to PAUL who then has to be able to sing it and learn his part on whatever instrument he needs to play on it…

    First ,what songs need to go…while a show stopper,Live and Let Die is worn out and he has played since Wings over more fireworks it’s not necessary.
    I think Paul must love Let Me Roll it..maybe the guitars parts.I am really tired of it though.

    The Long and Winding Road and Let it Be are mood setters and good songs to reminisce to,but maybe substitute some others..maybe…

    While I’m just shooting thoughts out there ,might as well address Paul’s voice…while I wouldn’t care what Paul sounds like as long as he keeps performing,I think as of late it is obvious some shakiness and trouble with high notes is rearing it’s ugly head(concerts over the last few months)…now before I get abused on the blog,I realize that the more he sings ,the better the vocals will get..the past few years have taken a toll on Paul and maybe now with a new girlfriend and outlook on things the “instrument” we love will get back to true form.Getting back on tour and “having a go” will do wonders..let’s hear the new album when it comes out and make our judgments then…studio vocals are not nearly as taxing as live ones,but will give us some good indications…

    Okay enough what songs would I like to hear So how about this for new songs:Just look at each Beatles ,Wings and solo album and pick ten new songs to learn and them out over the albums and make sure they sound good with the band and that Paul can sing them vocally..bands love performing new stuff live and would satisfy the casual and die hard fans.Add these to 3 or 4 off the new album and you now have something more interesting

    FYI ..I would love to hear Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and Obla-Di-Obla-Da (these would be great sing along and should be in his current vocal range”Wix can do all the keyboard parts).Also something weird like Waterspout would be cool..this should also be released as a single..don’t re-record ..just release as a summer hit….

    Ok..there you go..anyone agree with me or are you asleep after reading all this?..Cheers

    Comment by williamajennings | August 14, 2008 | Reply

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