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Song Wish List For Macca 09

First off, no matter what Sir Mac wants to play, I’m already there…I’ve been to 5 shows over the last 4 tours and I always come away happy, exhilarated and feeling good about life…and the memories have both helped me get through some difficult times in my life and made me smile in times of happy reflection. 
But if Paul would give these never performed live and/or long in cobwebs personal favorites of mine some serious consideration for Tour ’09 (we hope!) and pick at least one, I’d be one smiley little middle aged Apple scruffer: 
Day Tripper 
Only Mama Knows (gotta bring this out for the American contingent, Paul) 
Your Mother Should Know (for my Mom and all the Mom’s who sang their children to sleep with Beatles/Macca songs) 
One More Kiss 
Beware My Love 
Martha My Dear 
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 
Daytime Nighttime Suffering  
Ram on, 


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