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Songs I would LOVE to hear Paul play

I Want To Hold Your Hand 
She Loves You 
—-if he were to do these first 2 songs, I think the crowd would go completely nuts!!! The same way when he did Please Please Me—it would be AMAZING! 
Words of Love 
I Got Stung 
Honey Hush 
No Other Baby 
Lonesome Town 
Ob La Di Ob La Da 
Oh Darling 
Uncle Albert 
Helen Wheels 
Juniors Farm 
Hi Hi Hi 
Getting Closer 
Spin It On 
Backseat Of My Car 
Power Cut 
Beware My Love 
Mull Of Kintyre—with the bag pipers!! 
No More Lonely Nights 
Figure Of EIght 
My Brave Face 
The Song We Were Singing 
The Night Before 
Deliver Your Children 
Every Night 
One Of These Days 
Mamas Little Girl 
This Never Happened Before 
Venus & Mars/Rockshow 
More Wings!!!!!  
Elizabeth Mele 
Poughkeepsie, NY 


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