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Tour Songs

I agree with the the comments that Paul’s list could do with an overhaul. I’m sure a lot of the people who attend his shows have been many times before and have seen the same songs over and over. I probably won’t go to see him again as so many songs are repeated but if I did, I would like to hear him do a few more Beatles songs that John or George sang. He’s sung Something and Strawberry Fields so well. Perhaps one of my favourites “You Can’t Do That” and a couple of Wings’ faves, “Girls’ School” and “Smile Away.” Plus a couple of songs by other songwriters he admires would be interesting to hear – something different! Plus Paul, if you read this, if the next tour is going to be filmed for dvd, please, please don’t pan to the audience so much or release two versions with the dvd – one panning to the audience if you must every few seconds as with the last dvd or another version with you and the band playing and minimal shots of the audience. I’m still waiting for the definitive concert to be released on dvd. 


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