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Anything Paul does is OK by me. As far as women go, he loves to be with a woman because he doesn’t want to be alone. Who can blame him. 
With Nancy MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE. This time I would think there would be a pre-nup. They look cute together. She is always walking behind him. 
I truly think if he would get married again, he would look at things so differently. 
it’s amazing how much anything about Paul thrills me. I saw him at the Wachovia Center in Philly and he is getting better and better. 
What a thrill to see him in person. I also saw him on the HOWARD STERN SHOW. He is so adorable and you can tell he thinks more positive about things. He knows he has to really contemplate the right move to do or say. 
Whatever he does, I sure would like to see him again. I am the same age, so we are aging together. 
Sheila Freemer 


January 26, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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