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Nancy Shevell

Hi there, 
I think Paul looks happy some of the time and Nancy gives him the companionship he needs. Paul still loves and misses Linda and that shows in his eyes and his low key relationship with Nancy. He always had his arms around Linda all of their lives together and he always walked at her side something he rarely does with Nancy. I believe Nancy enjoys the limelight more and that is very clear from her photos. She is always posing for the cameras. Paul lost his soul mate and with Linda leaving so did the most important part of his heart and soul. I miss Linda as do millions but I still want Paul to be happy. He needs to be with someone but not in marriage because he needs to be happy with himself and by himself. Linda was the other half and whole of Paul and she is gone leaving Paul with that sadness and yearning. He really buries himself in his music but those words from My Love and The Long and Winding Road say it all. I don’t think I would be happy with some love Nancy so why are you? 


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